A Complete Payment Processing Center - Online, Anytime

Transaction Express lets you accept credit and signature debit cards and process
ACH transactions with any Internet-enabled device, wherever you are — in your store,
at your office, in your favorite coffee shop.

Some of Transaction Express' capabilities include:

  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Multi-merchant and multi-user platform
  • Integration capable via web services or batch
  • Advanced report search capabilities
    and customized reporting
  • Recurring billing with tokenization
  • Direct swipe via USB
  • Batch processing
  • ACH payments

Click on the screens below to see how Transaction Express
can help you manage your business.

Sales Transaction - Direct Swipe

Sales Transaction - Direct Swipe Retailers can process card-present transactions with speed and security.

Sales Transaction - Hand Keyed

Sales Transaction - Hand Keyed Online, mail-order and phone-order merchants can key in card easliy.

Customer Profile

Customer Profile Create a new profile by adding a wallet or a recurring payment.

Credit/Refund Search

Credit/Refund Search Search for transactions for potential credits and refunds due, and issue them.

Void Search

Void Search Search for transactions that need to be voided and confirm them automatically.

Transaction Detail Report

Transaction Detail Report Search by date for a list of transactions, then choose actions for some or all.

Daily Close Report

Daily Close Report See all your closed-out transactions for a specific date.

Sales Transaction — ACH

Sales Transaction ACH Process transactions for customers paying by check.

ACH Report

ACH Report Create a variety of ACH transaction reports.

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Transaction Express can help you grow your business and increase your revenue.
For more information, take a look at this interactive demo — or speak to your representative today.